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Gary Cantor
Former CEO Art Institute of California
Former Chairman International Council of Design Schools (ICDS) 

Gary Cantor earned his bachelor's in fine arts degree from the University of Southern California, Los Angeles in1961. After graduating, he continued his art studies in Europe and Israel. He founded an advertising/design studio in San Diego in 1964 and founded the Art Institute of California in 1981. He retired to his studio in Del Mar, California in 2000.

Gary's work has appeared in various public venues including the San Diego Museum of Art, San Diego Art Institute, San Diego State University, University of Southern California, University of Arizona, and the San Diego Jewish Community Center.

Gary has participated in six one-person exhibitions, which led to his work being collected by various art patrons including Dr. Andrea Rich former Director/Curator Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Judi Missett CEO Jazzercise, Jack Goodall former CEO Jack in the Box – among others.

Gary's portfolio Unique Experiences contains the following series:

Unexpected Friends find juxtaposed creatures that normally would not befriend one another - happily greeting and exchange tidings.

Unexpected Encounters is a fantasy land where children comfortably sit and talk with entities that would not be available to them in the day-to-day world.

Dogs Wearing Ties is about dogs wearing ties.

Gary's portfolio Daily Experiences contains the following series:

Downton illustrates images of the environment of mid-century Downtown "business" meetings.

Coffee House demonstrates various people engaging in conversation or activities over coffee.

Archive is a sampling of acrylic paintings and digital art mostly sold or exhibited over the years.

For more information:

Mail: 2658 Del Mar Heights Rd. #218, Del Mar, CA 92014
Phone: 858-735-2144

Email: gcantor1@san.rr.com.

All art exhibited on Gary Cantor's site is hand drawn and painted using a mouse on his laptop computer, implementing a Corel Painter 2015 application. His originals exist in the memory of the computer. Images are released by the artist, individually, to a master printer who converts them into museum quality giclee prints on canvas, ready for a patron's collection. They are protected for a lifetime to never fade, crack, or peel.